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What the Constitution Means to Me

Mon 3/14 @ 6:00 SCCT Membership Drive Event: Invited Staged Reading of Best Play Nominee, "What the Constitution Means to Me" at Starlight Theatre, 1915 N. Gold St. (Corner of 20th and Gold), Silver City.

Starlight Theatre Players Joe Navan, Wendy Spurgeon, and Mia Riley offer up a powerful staged reading in support of SCCT Membership. “What the Constitution Means to Me” is a 2017 American play by Heidi Schreck. The play premiered on Broadway on March 31, 2019 at the Hayes Theater, with Schreck herself in the leading role. Over the course of the play, Schreck addresses themes such as women's rights, immigration, domestic abuse, and the history of the United States. Schreck varies the time period in which the play takes place, performing some scenes as her modern self and others as her fifteen-year-old self-participating in Constitutional debate contests. “What the Constitution Means to Me” has received accolades including nomination for Best Play in the 73rd Tony Awards and a finalist spot for the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in Drama.

ALERT:What the Constitution Means to Me” may be triggering for victims of domestic abuse, and is not recommended for children under 14. . The show is open by invitation, a donation is appreciated. To be added to the audience, RSVP to

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