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Board of Directors Meeting



Tuesday 11-7-2022

Time: 2-4 pm


Location: Oasis Coffee and Tea House, 714 N Bullard St, Silver City, NM

Call to Order: MaryAnn Marlar, President—20 min

  • Turn over to Facilitator: Peter Fishburn

  • Mission & Vision Statement

  • Additions, Approval of the Agenda

  • Corrections, Approval of the Minutes

President’s Report: MaryAnn Marlar

  • Review/Assessment of recent activities/events

  • Feedback 

  • Volunteer/Membership Organization (load-in/out, Ft of H, crews, trainings)

  • Cloud storage

  • Board Member Recruitment: Billie Turietta, Diego Rose

  • Recognize Bruce Bloy in programs/pay

Treasurer’s Report: Greg Bond—15 min

  • Financial Report—Attendance/income 12AJs

  • Insurance

  • Storage

  • Sale

  • Wix

  • PayPal

Artistic Director Report: Wendy Spurgeon—15 min

  • 12 Angry Jurors

  • The Giver

  • Thumb Drives: Spade & WoftheW

  • 2023

Technical/Strategic Planner Report: Chris Wellman—15 min

  • Status of Audio Books/Word Fiesta

  • Gala Presentation/promo video

  • SCCT Planning Committee: Strategy Theatre Community meeting, attendees, Peter to facilitate with questions 

  • Silo Strategy 

Gala: Peter Fishburn—25 min

  • Murray Site Visit

  • Order Plates

  • Commons Visit/Organization with Joe; helpers (Volunteer Organization)

  • Brainstorm Gala Order of Events

  • Dance/Background Music vs Entertainment (Giver Kids, Virus Kids, Starlight Kids, Monologues)

Comments and Announcements

Set Next Meeting:


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